Start Line Story

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You were my first race. I wasn’t nervous at all, though. The waves of people starting before me. Music playing through my headphones. My mom and Dad smiling, snapping pictures, cheering me on. The thoughts in my mind of my dear, sweet Zayde. The man who loved without limits and who would’ve treated my crossing the 10K finish line in 1:18 as if I had just won an Olympic gold. I ran it for him. In many ways, I still run for him. I run for many reasons now, but every time I toe the line, I take a few moments and remember the people I love. I hope that my running makes them proud. I hope I make myself proud. The gun goes off; I start my watch; I begin.


One thought on “Start Line Story

  1. wowso says:

    I love this, made tears well up in my eyes. I’m so proud of you and the effort you have put into running. Yes sweet Zayde, loved without limits indeed. He would have been so very very happy for you, and would think you are an Olympian. I’m grateful you had such an amazing grandfather that loved you deeply. Never stop running for him.

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