RECAP: Rock ‘n’ Roll San Antonio

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Wow, what a wild weekend! I definitely did not know what I was in for in signing up for a Rock ‘n’ Roll race, but it definitely didn’t disappoint by any means. I haven’t done too many super massive races, and honestly was worried that this would be too crowded and crazy, but that wasn’t the case at all. So, grab a snack and settle in for my race day recap! For all the technical details of the race, click on over to my review on BibRave.

The Expo

Our first stop was the expo on Saturday. We didn’t have any issues getting there (other than the always horrible traffic on 35) or parking, but that might have just been because we know the area. We ended up entering the convention center from the back of the building and had a long walk to get to the hall. I’ve never been a big fan of getting to the convention center in San Antonio because every event I’ve been to over there is so poorly labeled you have to wander all over the place.

Once we were in the expo, packet pick-up was super easy. You walk in and immediately turn in your waiver and get your bib. Then go to the next station to pick up your shirt, one more station to set up runner tacking (I guess if you need help and can’t do it on your own), and then you get to enter the Brooks store! So many clothes and shoes were out, and I ended up getting a pair of Levitates, which I had been wanting for a while. Thoughout the rest of the expo, you can get tons of samples, make purchases, etc. There weren’t too many gimmicky products and it was pretty easy to navigate. I personally don’t like spending a lot of time at expos, so my dad and I hurried through and got back in the car to head back to Austin.

Race Day

We had no issues with parking or navigating street closures, which again probably had to do with knowing the area. The info from RnR stated that the app WAZE was updated with the race-related street closures, which is great for out-of-towners. I didn’t expect the corral sections to be so massive! But we lined up and the official start time was 7:15, but due to my corral I didn’t get started running until about 7:45. That’s a long time to wait and I feel bad for people in the corrals even further back than mine. The music was great and the announcers kept everything rolling, which really helped with the long wait to start.

The course was great for me! It’s not the most scenic course I’ve ever been on, but it was fun and even the parts with almost no crowd support were still alright. Around mile 10 things started going uphill, literally, and I started crapping out. I wasn’t ready to have a massive climb that far into my race, and so my time went out the window. I still finished in 2:25, which was amazing. When I struggled in a race this time last year, I thought “just let me stay under 3 hours.” This time, I was thinking “As long as I’m under 2:30” I’ll definitely take that improvement!!

Post-Race Party

Unfortunately the post-race party didn’t seem as lively as it might’ve been because it had dumped buckets of rain on us, and everyone and everything was still wet. The beer lines moved quickly, people were getting medals engraved, race winners were announced and fish tacos were on the grill! Des Linden and Stanley Biwott were the respective gender winners of the half marathon!

It was here where I got to meet my inspiration and hero, MEB. He is the kindest and wisest man I’ve met. I was so honored to meet him, and even more honored when he shared more kind words to me on social media. What an amazing ambassador for the sport.


Overall I’d recommend this race, but not if you want to PR. The weather is super unpredictable and a lot of people had to let some big time goals pass them by once the weather ruined their race plans.


2 thoughts on “RECAP: Rock ‘n’ Roll San Antonio

  1. 50in50marathonquest says:

    nice report Kolbe and great to meet you in SA, hopefully we’ll see you again next time we’re in TX or if you ever need to cool off and come run one of our summer races 🙂

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