Nails. Always.

Nails. Always.

Ever since I was a little bitty 5-year-old, I’ve been getting manicures. Call me spoiled if you want, but my grandfather would always take me. He would get his hair cut, beard trimmed and he would get a man-manicure. While he was getting groomed, I would get my teeny nails done. It’s something I love to do to relax, and I really care a lot (maybe too much) about how my nails look.

I’ve had some great nail art over the years, but since I moved to Austin, I heard about a girl known as Nails Y’all. Well, her real name is Meghann (@nailsyall on instagram) and she does the best manicures and nail art of all time. I can only go to her now, and have added the cost into my monthly budget.

Here’s what she’s done for me so far:


These were for my first half marathon. We’ve got the 13.1, the medal design (gold) and the race logo (white).


Christmas ombre nails!


These are what I’m currently rockin’. The bold black and white graphic look. I’m obsessed. Anybody have any favorite nail artists or designs?

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