Podcasts…who would’ve thought

OK, honest moment, y’all. I love podcasts. I never thought I’d be that type of person, I always thought they were lame and why would anybody want to listen to random people talking about random things, but ever since Serial came out, I’ve been hooked.

Over the Christmas break I fell deeper into my podcast hole. One thing that I love is true crime. I love to read it, watch it, talk about, ponder it, I think it really is becoming an obsession. After “Making a Murderer” came out and websites started posting other true crime docs to watch, I realized that I had already seen all the so-called best ones. I’ve also seen the not-so-good ones. I stay up too late reading and researching online, I also think that I’ve begun to bore my friends who aren’t as obsessive as I am.

Anyway, I just wanted to share some of the other podcasts that I have really enjoyed, and hopefully, if you’re looking for true crime podcasts, you’ll enjoy these, too.


Of course I had to include the one that got me hooked. Sarah Koenig’s telling of the case of Adnan Syed who is serving a life sentence for the murder of Hae Min Lee.

Season 1 was great. It was riveting, engaging, and I felt as though I was a part of the investigation right with Sarah.

Season 2 has been slow for me. I’m still committed to listening, but something feels different. Maybe it’s the fact that we aren’t hearing from Bergdahl directly, or Sarah is making an effort to stay more objective than she did with season 1. Either way, I continue to listen and maybe only because Sarah’s voice is as soothing as a hot bath in eposom salts.



This is the podcast that is hosted by Rabia Chaudry, family friend of Adnan and the lawyer who brought the case to Sarah’s attention. She is joined by Susan Simpson and Colin Miller, who bring tons of knowledge and differing points-of-view to the case.

This one started out seeming quite pedantic to me, and while that sort of continued throughout. I did enjoy the legal knowledge I gained from this case, and the sort of debates going on among the three, as they do not all agree about every aspect of the case.

The trio currently is working on a new case for season two, but will continue to report and investigate on Adnan’s behalf and provide updates as needed.


Truth and Justice

Ok, last one from the Serial bandwagon. This one, I am only listening to because host Bob Ruff is investigating a case out of Smith County (Tyler), TX. I am always interested in what’s going on in Texas since it’s where I live and one of my favorite true crime books is about a case in Houston, only an hour from my hometown and the city where I went to college.

Yes, Bob started out investigating Adnan’s case. Yes, he has worked with Rabia and her crew. But without being too negative, the tone of Truth and Justice is one that isn’t what I’m used to. With that said, the new case he is working on is interesting, and he already had a good interview with Cory Session, the president of the Innocence Project of Texas, someone who I want to learn more about.


Crime Writers On

OK, I lied. This is the last one on the Serial train. Hosted by Rebecca Lavoie, joined by her husband Kevin Flynn, author and investigator Lara Bricker, and novelist Toby Ball, these true crime and crime fiction writers have impressive individual backgrounds and insightful commentary about Serial. They debrief episodes and are hilarious while doing so. This is definitely what I need after listening to Serial. Hearing them discuss all the different angles and ways the case is being investigated and presented are helping not have to rant so much to my friends.

Plus, I emailed Rebecca today and she replied to me within 15 minutes and I have to admit that I did have a fangirl moment. I really like feeling as though I can communicate with the hosts and that they genuinely want to communicate with listeners.



Y’all, this might be my favorite podcast. It is hosted by Phoebe Judge and she has a similar soothing Koenig-esque voice. The episodes are short in comparison to the others I listen to, and it’s not all about horrific murders.

So far some of my favorite episodes have been one about the black market and poaching surrounding Venus fly traps in North Carolina, a vintage book thief, a 15-year-old hacker who exposed CNN, Amazon and other big names, and a weird connection with a murderer who developed somewhat of a friendship with one of the co-hosts of Crime Writers On.


Here’s my ranking:

  1. Serial
  2. Criminal
  3.  (tie) Undisclosed and Crime Writers On…
  4. Truth and Justice

What are your suggestions for other podcasts to add to my list? Let me know in the comments!


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